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Buddhism Culture

The introduction of Buddhism culture into Southern Mountain is over 200 years later than the introduction of Taoist culture. The earliest Buddhist monks to Southern Mountain are Huihai and Xidun, later on, monk Huisi imparted his disciple Zhikai to form Tiantai Buddhist philosophy (Fahua Buddhist philosophy). Huisi of Southern Mountain is respected as the third ancestor of Tiantai Buddhist philosophy and Zhikai is the fourth ancestor. The theory of Tiantai Buddhist philosophy spreads to as far as Japan. Zen Sect of Buddhism of Southern Mountain developed into five sects: Weiyang sect, Linji sect, Caodong sect, Yunmen sect and Fayan sect, which is called “one flower with five leaves” in the Buddhism history. Thereafter, there Yangqi group and Huanglong group, so call them “five leaves with seven philosophies”. Disciples of zen Sect of Buddhism are all over the world with the Southern Mountain as center, reaching as far as Japan and Korea. In recent years, many Buddhist monks of Caodong and Tiantai sects from Japan visit Southern Mountain to warship ancestors and seek roots. Zen Sect of Buddhism of Southern Mountain claims “insight”, what is called “heart is Buddha”, deserts the methods of asceticism and scholasticism, therefore the claims of zen Sect of Buddhism are easy to be accepted and cultivated by people, finally it can be carried forward and has disciples all over the world. Linji and Caodong sects have the name “Linji covers the world, Caodong covers half the sky”. Now there is a carved stone “Buddhism source of the world” beside the Nantai temple and “world Buddhism” is carved on the Fuyan Temple, which reflect the prosperity of Buddhism culture of Southern Mountain at that time.

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